Google shows your favicon

Favicons are part of the Google mobile result pages. Is yours attractive? An eye-catching favicon might bring more traffic. A mundane icon might let your competitors get all the attention. And clicks.

Complete your SEO Checklist

You have optimized everything... Really?

  • Page titles
  • Mobile design
  • Load time
  • Sitemap
  • Favicon

Your favicon gets you more traffic from Google

Make sure your favicon grabs your potential visitors's attention.

Click-Through Rate: 19%*
Click-Through Rate: 22%* 🎉
Click-Through Rate: 18%*

* Demo figures

Favicon A/B testing to optimize Click-Through Rate in Google Result Pages

No guesswork. RealAB compares several versions of your favicon and measures their performance.

What you do

  • Submit multiple favicons to RealAB Are you Apple? Are you IMDB? Are you Indeed?
  • In your site, use the favicon magic URL provided by RealAB
  • Connect RealAB to your Google Search Console

What RealAB does

  • RealAB swaps the favicons in the Google result pages and tracks which one gets more clicks
  • RealAB tells you which favicon performs best and how much additional traffic you will receive.

    Switching from to will increase your Google mobile traffic by 35%*!

* Demo figures

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